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We are at a point in our history where threads of science, spirituality, and metaphysics are intersecting.  In one of our highest levels of science known as Quantum Physics, physicists validated the concept that our mind is the key to how we experience reality and that our observation of an event influences the event.  It has been proven on a subatomic level that our thoughts produce physical change to our environment and ourselves.  The level of change could be related to the level of personal power.  Personal Power is a power that comes from knowledge and skills.  It is a power that is developed and is projected from our core being.  One secret to increase personal power is by accessing and working with our higher mind.

In a world that can seem out of control, now is the time to become more self-aware and to learn techniques that can enhance your personal power and your ability to create positive change in your life.

This site is dedicated to providing information, tools and techniques that can enhance success in business and in life.  Information is provided via articles relating to personal and professional success.  In addition, those who register with this site will be invited to attend Personal Power and Influence webinars.

Welcome to the Personal Power and Influence site and enjoy the journey.









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